About Us And Our Mission

Who we are (and are not)

We are New Yorkers – New York citizens and tax payers. After review of all available information we are convinced that Governor Andrew Cuomo was railroaded with false allegations and a biased, one-sided investigative report. We believe this is not only an assault on him as individual, but also an assault on democracy, justice and truth.

No, we are not conspiracy theorists. While there are connections between some of the participants, and some motives seem to be obvious, this doesn’t mean that there was one grand scheme. Instead, it was an evolving collaboration between individuals, born out of opportunism and subsequent bandwagon jumping.

We do not believe all 11 complainants in this report are liars. A lie is making knowingly false statements to deceive. While this seems to be the case for some of the complainants, not every untruth is a lie. Some are misinterpretations or distorted or manipulated memories. Some complaints are truthful, but are behaviors that are part of normal social and work life and not harassment. Some complainants never thought they were harassed until other involved individuals convinced them otherwise.

We have no affiliation to Governor Andrew Cuomo, his family, friends, or anyone who works for him. Neither are we affiliated to any political organization or media outlet. Finally, nobody paid or reimbursed us for expenditures related to this website.

Our Mission

We want to provide New Yorkers with the information that the Media, politicians, and the Attorney General did not share or discuss. The AG and her investigators have omitted and ignored important information and details in their conclusion. Media has not bothered to look deeper into the matter, or if they did, they chose to ignore. Journalists happily sold the fabricated “scandal” to the public.

The Investigative Report is 165 pages long, contains numerous footnotes and several hundred pages of exhibits which include handwritten notes, emails and text messages. Media has only reported the conclusion – which we are convinced is wrong. However, the devil is in the details – such as the footnotes and exhibits. We have not only reviewed and evaluated these details, but also the Governor’s position statement and communication from his attorneys. In addition, we dug through articles, videos and interviews, as well as the complainants’ history, background and social media.

We did our best to extract the essential information from hundreds of pages of clutter and repetitive tall tales so our fellow New Yorkers, along with any other concerned Americans, can get the information needed to evaluate the situation based on facts and common sense. Please make sure to look at the linked screenshots, photos and external resources.

Our stance on believing women and victim’s rights

What does “Believe women” mean and what does it not mean? We must stress that “believe women” does not mean believe all women unequivocally, nor does it mean don’t believe men. Workplace harassment and sexual assault are real issues, and something that many women have experienced. This must be dealt with. But we must deal with it fairly, with common sense, and with due process, as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated when asked about the #MeToo movement.

Believing without questioning and evaluating hurts all victims and all women.

Depicting grown-up, professional women as helpless victims is not empowerment. We need to teach young women to speak up when they are confronted with unwanted behavior, we need to teach them to be resilient and assertive, and we need to teach them the difference between harassment and bullying on one side and subjective feelings and discomfort on the other side.

Cuomo’s Attorney expressed it well:

I think that women, should be believed and they should be treated fairly. I also believe, that men should be believed and treated fairly. All people should be given that, and everybody should have a chance to respond, and everybody should be scrutinized with what they say by facts, context, and evidence. That hasn’t happened here. Our country has a rule of law, I believe in the rule of law, not mob mentality and not media mentality. The governor deserves to be treated fairly and that did not happen here.
Rita Glavin, August 10, 2021