Brittany Commisso Testimony May 17, 2021

Below is the partial transcript of Brittany Commisso’s virtual Zoom Testimony from May 17, 2021 which was included in the misdemeanor complaint the Albany County Sheriff’s Office filed at the Albany City Criminal Court against Andrew Cuomo. The Testimony was taken by the First Deputy of the NYS AG, not by the independent investigators Joon R. Kim and Anne Clarke, who are only listed as “appearances”. The portion the Sheriff’s office included are pages 139 to 146 of the testimony (as well as the cover pages 1 and 2):

Source: New York Daily News, November 8, 2021: Cuomo lawyer calls on AG James to probe Albany Sheriff that filed groping charge against the former gov. Direct link to embedded Scribd document.

Here are the most significant parts: On p#141 she states she had her coat on. On p#142 she describes how he asked her after she had completed her task (sending a text), if she doesn’t want to take her coat off, and she said “I’m okay, I have to go back to the office”. He then came around his desk, and “instantly”, within “0.2 seconds” slid his hand under her blouse and she saw his hand when she looked down. The interviewer then asks her on the last page (146) about her coat, and she describes it as black, long winter coat with a zipper and a belt. And here, the portion of her testimony the Sheriff’s Office included, ends. The AG’s report omitted the information that she was wearing a coat completely. Full pages are further below.