The Complainants

These are the 11 complainants from the AG’s Investigative Report. There were others who claimed harassment by Cuomo, as can be seen in the timeline of allegations. However we did not dedicate pages to those whom AG did not include in the report. Nonetheless, we will discuss them in future blog posts.

We have focused on the allegations that the AG used in the report to claim that Cuomo “engaged in conduct that constituted sexual harassment under Federal and State law” (p. 142). Throughout the report pages are cluttered with irrelevant descriptions of trivial situations and behaviors. We have not included these, albeit will discuss them in blog posts because they illustrate the mindset and culture of the accusers. Moreover, they affect the credibility of all claims as well as the conclusion of the report.

We sorted the 11 complainants as they appear in the Investigative Report, rather than in order of their public outing. Click on their names to read more about their background, claims, and credibility.

Accuser#1 – Brittany Commisso accused Cuomo of groping her. Her story changed multiple times, is full of contradictions, and disproven by evidence. Her claim was dismissed by District Attorney and Judge. Read more here.

Accuser#2 – State Trooper#1 alleged that Gov. Cuomo touched her belly as she was holding a door open and he passed by, touched her back in an elevator, and kissed her on the check after she consented. All three claims were dismissed by three different District Attorneys. Read more here.

Accuser#3 – Charlotte Bennett claims sexual harassment against Governor Andrew Cuomo because of personal conversations she initiated in which she disclosed intimate information. She has a history of making coordinated false allegations. Read more here.

Accuser#4 – Lindsey Boylan started her unproven and not credible sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo at the beginning of a political campaign. She threatened multiple witnesses and former employees complained about her being toxic and a bully. Read more here.

Accuser#5 – Alyssa McGrath felt uncomfortable after Cuomo asked her about her necklace, assuming he had been looking down her shirt from across his desk, and because he said something in Italian that she didn’t understand and can’t remember. Read more here.

Accuser#6 – Ana Liss claims Cuomo harassed her, when he kissed her hand and called her sweetheart. She has a photo of him on her desk. Her only professional interaction was handing him over a presentation and he saw a run in her pantyhose. He said “Thank you” for the presentation. Read more here.

Accuser#7 – Kaitlin accuses Cuomo of harassment because he told her to soak up knowledge like a sponge and he didn’t want her personal number when she offered it to him. She had performance issues and kept dropping calls for the Governor, which he addressed with her. Read more here.

Accuser#8 – State Entity Employee#1: is an anonymous employee of a State-affiliated entity who alleges that Cuomo touched her butt during a work event. Evidence is inconsistent with the AG report. The claim was dismissed by the Manhattan District Attorney. Read more here.

Accuser#9 – Elizabeth Dufort: Elizabeth Dufort performed a Covid test on Andrew Cuomo. Later she quit her job because she didn’t agree with his vaccination plan. Her complaint is that he said “You make this gown look good” jokingly during the test. Read more here.

Accuser#10 – Virginia Limmiatis: claims that in May 2017, Cuomo ran his fingers across her chest at an event. Photo evidence clearly shows this did not happen. She is not a state employee, her case would not be sexual harassment even her claims were true. Her case was dismissed by the Oswego County DA. Read more here.

Accuser#11 – Anna Ruch was a guest at a wedding that Cuomo officiated. When he touched her back, he touched her exposed skin, because she wore a cutout dress. She is not a state employee, her case would not be sexual harassment even her claims were true. Read more here.