Governor Cuomo Accusers: And There Were None …

The one thing that we hear over and over after each case is dropped or proved wrong is “what about the other girls, are they all lying?”  We need to understand, this was a hitjob and coordinated. We don’t know who was behind it, but we can pretty much guess that the NYAG and the investigators were either fronting it or a part of it.  Now, were they all lying? No.  Gov. Cuomo admits that himself. (Thus, the DA’s adding ‘they were credible”, although that is also to avoid the Mobtoo.) He says he didn’t mean to cause offense, nor did he realize that the lines had been drawn so far the other way.  To be honest, if you look at the behavior of other politicians, including Chuck Schumer and AG James herself, they haven’t. He got called out for normal behavior that most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid at. And if it was something that did bother you, it is hardly worth ruining a life over. 

What we are doing here is a little summary of the 11 women. We will start with the ridiculous allegations, and then we will do a brief summary of the “serious” ones – the ones that when looked at closely show this whole thing is a sham but merit a longer discussion on our website.  We have a very quick summary on the Justice for Cuomo “Complainants” page, and of course, we go into each case in depth from there… but we do understand you may not have the time to read the website in the entirety but may want more information than the complainant page. We also want to provide this so if you are talking to someone and they are suspicious of the whole thing (as more and more people are) you can send it along. For so many of these girls to come forward with these stories as if they were sexual harassment, and for the AG to deem them as such, it is obvious something is behind this. What and who we don’t know (yet.)

We would like to apologize for just referring to Governor Cuomo as Cuomo, but we all know who we are talking about and and time.

State Trooper

State Trooper claimed that Cuomo ran his finger down her back in an elevator in NYC and said, “Hey You!”  There was another security person in the elevator who doesn’t remember this happening (but even if it did happen it isn’t a big deal.) On another occasion, he touched her stomach and ran his hand across it while she was holding the door open for him. Cuomo said he didn’t remember but could have done this by accident and apologized. He also confirmed that he often touched troopers to make sure they knew they were being seen (including men, whom made up most of the security detail). She also said he offered her a tour of the mansion, including the second floor “unless it was against protocols”. He offered this tour to many people, and never offered anything regarding the bedroom.  She added some stuff about him asking why she didn’t wear a dress (she was in uniform, so this doesn’t make sense) and some other jokes. The Times Union (TU) tried to prove that they changed the amount of time needed in police duty to be placed into security detail, but it turned out they were wrong. The TU was doing this before the report came out – it seems they were pushing the trooper to come out with a story, which is interesting.

Last but not least, the state trooper’s lawyer wrote to Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor, and blackmailed her, saying that if she didn’t pay her off privately they would sue her even though they only met a few times. Melissa didn’t bite.  Here is the letter: 

Alyssa McGrath

McGrath recently went through a divorce and is the best friend of Brittany Commisso. She says she had unwanted remarks which were troubling after the fact.  This included calling her and BC “mingle mamas” after they told the Gov. they were going on vacation as newly-single girls and were single and ready to mingle. (BC was not yet single.)  He complimented her in Italian (it may have been Ciao Bella, nobody knows) and complimented her necklace, which she decided was him looking down her shirt. She would also compete with BC for overtime.  That’s it…meanwhile, in the updated released transcripts, it turns out her ex-husband contacted the AG’s office when he read the accusations in the paper as they were far from the truth. This was all left out of the AG report and not used as evidence or in consideration.   Here is an excerpt:  (Notice she “kind of had to do it to keep her job.” We know Cuomo and DeRosa did not make her do it, so who did? Who is behind this?)

There was, you know, a lot of borderline adoration for Governor Cuomo. She often talked about how handsome she thought he was and how handsome his brother Chris was, referred to him as the Love Gov. At times, you know, when she was working front chair in the office she would often kind of brag about how she gets to pick out his suits and his ties and that type of stuff … she said nothing but positive things about the Governor, was defensive about him … but it’s not like it was a mutual adoration … I remember Alyssa, Lauren Grasso, Brittany Damino and this [name retracted] being in a group chat titled Cuomo’s HoesAlyssa’s relationship with the Governor was that of complete respect, borderline adoration, and borderline attraction by her own words to me … Never once was it ever said to me that oh, I feel very uncomfortable with him leering at me … quite the opposite … after Alyssa accused the Governor of staring down her shirt, she had to remove quite a few pictures from her own Instagram and Facebook … she had pictures all over her social media of low-cut shirts … there was the infamous picture that was the cover photo on her Facebook of her and Brittany with the Governor … That was on a — like a pinboard next to her bed … Right before this article came out, Alyssa called me and said, you know, there’s going to be something in the paper and I just need you to kind of have my back on this, and this was I kind of had to do it to keep my job … it was like, “Hey, I’m gonna say some stuff, you might know it’s BS, but can you keep your mouth shut?” And it wasn’t in exact words, that was my interpretation of it, knowing what I know.

Ana Liss

Ana Liss worked in the Executive Chamber from 2013 to 2015 for Howard Glaser, Sr. Policy Advisor to the Governor and Director of State Operations. She started as an Empire State Fellow from the University of Pennsylvania and was pulled to work with Howard Glaser (see Karen Hinton following) – it was Glaser who recruited her, not Cuomo. She said she was hired by Cuomo for her looks despite being a U Penn grad, a fellow, and as mentioned, not hired by Cuomo. She said he called her sweetheart, which he said he may have done, not in a sexual manner. (I have members of my family that called people sweetheart at work too, I still know people who do this, it’s a term of endearment, not a come-on.) She said he touched her back when posing for a photo. People do touch your back when posing for a picture, and she kept that picture on her desk for years after her employment. In the testimony, she also mentioned he looked at a run in her stockings.  She has no idea if he did or not, as he never said anything, but she mentioned it and felt “mortified”. She said he once told her she looked lovely, which she found demeaning. During 2020 – when she did not work for the EC – she sent out a number of tweets with hearts, and Happy Birthday in Italian, directed to Gov. Cuomo.  Ana Liss originally stated that she never felt there was any sexual harassment. She said they only ever had a few interactions, which is probably why Gov. Cuomo doesn’t remember who she is. Interestingly, her new boss was the only County Executive who stated that Schwartz’s vaccine calls were threatening – all of the others said he wasn’t at all – but that’s another story.

Karen Hinton (not officially one of the 11 but very involved…she’s a wannabe)

Glazer is married to Karen Hinton, not officially in the report, but someone who has been publicizing her book “Penis Politics” (yes, that’s the name) and claimed Cuomo hugged her twenty years ago. They worked together for years and before last year Hinton regularly praised him although she was no longer working for him. She would thank Cuomo for his help and practically beg for attention. Her complaint (the hug) was done the same day as Ana Liss’s complaint. Hinton is in regular contact with Boylan, etc. and regularly stands up for far-left officials. She writes a lot of op-eds about Cuomo while getting publicity for her book. It should be noted that Hinton suffered a massive head trauma which caused her to suffer memory loss after.

Here is a tweet from 2020 when people were ok with the Cuomo brothers joking around, and a letter she wrote to Cuomo in 2019, along with a clip from an article she wrote pre Penis Politics


Kaitlin has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Criminal Justice but also said Cuomo hired her for her looks. She had worked in politics before but was working with a lobbying firm where she put together a successful fundraiser. Cuomo was told she was “a superstar” and he reached out to see if she was interested in a position at the EC.  She said she needed a PT job to make up income, so they offered her the salary of both (although there is a doubt that she ever did have the second job.) They didn’t look up her past tweets and who she supported politically – they may have been more careful if they did as she was a supporter of some of his political enemies.

Cuomo told her to soak up knowledge like a “sponge” and that became her nickname. She once came to work in a red and black checked shirt, and he made a joke about her looking like a lumberjack. She felt like she did not have money to buy designer clothes – however, there was never an expectation for her to do so and most in the Chamber didn’t, although it was expected to look professional on days where you were public-facing or in meetings. He once had her help him look up car parts, but she said she felt uncomfortable as she was wearing a skirt and heels and he was sitting behind her. Cuomo says he could have asked her to help, and he would have been sitting behind her as she was the one on the computer. This is normal – the person on the computer is in the front, and Cuomo is famously technology challenged. When she started working, Kaitlin offered Cuomo her phone number, he asked why he would need it, and she felt embarrassed.  Yes- she offered to him – he refused- and he is the one harassing her. She did not work out in the job as had trouble answering phones and would disappear on vacation, so they moved her to another job until she was finally moved to NYSERDA.  She was never fired.

State Entity Employee #1

We do know her identity but unlike the AG who made her and others very easy to identify, we would like to respect her privacy. She never worked for Cuomo so even if she were credible, she should not be included in a workplace sexual harassment suit. They were at a work event on a barge with a small group of people.  Cuomo was there with his daughter Mariah. She said he grabbed her arm. They posed with her supervisor and Cuomo stood between them. She says he double-tapped where her butt and thigh and then moved upwards to grab the area between her butt and thigh.  However, those photos are conveniently missing.  There are other photos from the event (190 were taken) and video, none of it showing anything. Most of the time Cuomo’s daughter is standing next to him. State Employee says she sent text messages to family and an email to herself after the event. The AG did not include the texts in the report. The email was included and was different than what she said happened in her testimony.  In her email, there was a double-tap (which if happened sounds like an accident) and no butt grabbing. In the email, the tapping happened when she was leaving the picture taking, which sounds like an accidental brush while in the report it was while they were being taken.

Dr. Elizabeth Dufort

Dufort is the doctor who did the Covid test on Cuomo on live tv.  Everyone at the time agreed that this was a great public service.  Her complaints were that he said, “Nice to see you, doctor, you make that gown look good” in a funny way that is unmistakably Cuomo (on television).  Before they went live, she told him she would be “gentle but accurate” and he joked saying “I’ve heard that before.” That’s it. That all.   She also does not work for him and resigned from her position in January 2021 because she and other doctors were upset that Cuomo/NY State did not implement the vaccination plan they developed.

Virginia Limmiatis

Also not an employee. Virginia claimed that Cuomo ran his fingers across her chest at an upstate event. She claims he pressed two fingers of his right hand on each letter sliding his fingers across, reading out the name of the company, then leaned closely in so their cheeks were touching and said something like “I’m going to say I see a spider on your shoulder” (as if to create a cover story for his behavior).She said that four years later it “was difficult to even review the photographs because they brought a flood of negative emotions.” The photos from the event, of which there are many, prove this is false. She has her hand on his shoulder, his hand isn’t near her chest, and the logo is above her chest. She also expressed anger that the state took over the event after her organization. That’s it. That’s the case. All done for Virginia.

A collage of people
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Anna Ruch

Again, not an employee. If this was a Friends’ episode, this would be the “famous kissing the cheek at the wedding one.” The one that when it came out, we had friends call and say, ok, now it’s really crazy. The one that when it was actually included in the report, everyone who was sane laughed. It was at Gareth Rhode’s (former Cuomo aide) wedding. She is a photograph editor but unemployed – interestingly this year she started a job at the New York Times where she originally broke her “story”. Cuomo went up to Ruch and friends at the wedding. She had earlier asked him to do a toast. She states that he put his hand on her back and “touched bare skin” when taking a photo which her friends told her to do, although a friend of hers stated on CNN that she asked for the photo. (Her dress was backless and he had his arm around her posing for a photo. Pretty normal stuff.)  Ruch says she grabbed his hand and removed it and he said ‘Wow, you are aggressive” but Cuomo does not remember this being said, although it is not sexual harassment if it did happen. He asked if he could kiss her on the cheek, which he does to both women and men, something he admitted.  That’s it. That’s the harassment.   Texts show that she couldn’t remember the next day and had to ask her friend if he kissed her. She said she complained to Rhodes – he says he doesn’t remember, and he no longer worked for Cuomo and his wife has taken Ruch’s “side”- so no reason to lie.  The media hasn’t released the pic from the front, which shows her smiling, unlike the side ones they have released. So an Italian guy at a wedding asks “Can I kiss you” and kisses on the cheek. Yes, we know.

We are not covering the three “big ones” in this blog piece. However, they have been in the press if you have been following, and this is what you need to know.  The way these cases get traction is through quantity, not quality – in fact, it is something Charlotte Bennett’s group “SMART” emphasizes to students at Hamilton College.  We know from the transcripts that Boylan, after talking to Bennett, called a number of these people. There were far more that didn’t participate.   We also believe more people were involved, but what or who we can only speculate. 

Well, ok, we will give short summaries if you chose to read about them!

Charlotte Bennett

Hamilton College was sued by a male student for false accusations she made against him and was expelled. They settled. He had proof that she admitted he did not assault her. She dropped her harassment case against him after he was not allowed to take part in the graduation ceremony and he was expelled from campus.  She also accused her ex-boyfriend of sexual assault, but Hamilton only found him guilty of one accusation, which was walking into her living room.  She also claims she was raped at 16.

She came to Cuomo with her story when she was working for him, volunteered the information of her background and assault history.  He decided to mentor her due to a family member (he mentions who this is in one of his speeches but doesn’t like to talk about it so we will not mention it here. Cuomo also had to walk out of the room when talking about this during his interrogation by Joon which is on the AG website, as it clearly upsets him, which it would.) He thinks he is helping Bennett. She herself states he never came on to her or touched her, only that he was “grooming” her for sex because of some jokes he supposedly says. He admits to some, says he didn’t say others, and says she reads things in a different way. 

In one instance Bennett says Cuomo asks who she is sleeping with, they ask her “Did he use those words?” she says, “no, he said who are you hanging with.”  I don’t know what hanging with means for a 26-year-old, but for a guy in his 60s, it means who are you hanging out with. There are many text messages and Instagram posts where she is obviously fine with everything…she tells friends and family he has been a good mentor. 

In the testimony, she complains that he didn’t like her hair bun one day, and he calls her “Bun “(he admits he comes up with nicknames) and she says on her testimony that this is sexual harassment.  Texts messages show that the same day she is telling someone he “doesn’t know the web he has found himself into”. Interestingly this may have been texted BEFORE she came to him with her story.  He also made a comment about her “daisy dukes” when she for some reason thought it was appropriate to wear shorts – he says he was trying to be nice about expressing that shorts weren’t professional clothing. 

You really need to read about her for the full picture. (She is also trying to brand herself as a sort of Metoo warrior. She also forgot to put her Venmo on private – Oops!

Lindsey Boylan

Ah, Lindsey.  Has run twice for office, needed a new angle.  Does her testimony eating Goldfish crackers and acting… well, you need to see it for yourself.  Whenever asked about something that was questionable, she “breaks down” and they don’t question her anymore. She is married to a wealthy Murdoch-connected hedge fund guy.

It is Boylan who witnessed tampered. She had a “thing” (yes, that kind of thing)  with her boss, Howard Zemsky (both married), and threatened him when he wouldn’t back up her story with an app that has disappearing text messages. This all came out officially in Jan 2022 – Dan Abrams had it, a few others, but otherwise, nada from the pristine press. She also sent threatening and odd texts to other members of the executive chamber, including pictures of her daughter with drawings all over them.

She sent tweets with Jabba the hut, and one of him shaking hands, calling it rape culture. For a laugh, we have included it. Terrifying, isn’t it? We’re scared.  There is too much to include for a quick summary, but more highlights include him giving his office tour which he gives to many people, and she states that his comments on the cigar box that Clinton gave him are a sexual come-on ala Lewinsky. Cuomo sent roses to all his female staff; she says she was singled out.

Most importantly, she lied about why she left. She said it was about harassment, but it was because she was given a disciplinary talk by Alphonso David, as many people complained about her toxic behavior, including three WOC who felt she harassed them. When she left the meeting, she wrote an email to everyone giving her resignation. She asked for the job back a few days later.  They told her that was not a good idea. She was one of only two people who after they left the EC codes were changed. 

She teamed up with his nursing home enemies Ron Kim and Janice Dean, so we can see a pattern here. She and James have both had Tripp Yang as a campaign consultant. James herself told Meliss DeRosa that Boylan wasn’t credible-which of course changed in the report.   Please read the entire bit on our site because if it weren’t so tragic at how many lives she has ruined by getting them fired it would be funny – and yet the investigators spend much of their questioning on whether the EC “retaliated” against her because of harassment. They were not able to get anything but that did not stop the HRC from firing Alfonso David, or Suny’s Jim Malatras for referring to her as insane with expletives a few years earlier. So much to say, so little space, but we have all worked or know someone like this. Just read it.

Brittany Commisso

This also needs to be read – but, to make a long story short… he is the “groping” incident. Never has Cuomo been accused of anything like this. They needed a big accusation, this was it. The one with the criminal charge that was dropped. Originally postponed for “exculpatory evidence” and then dropped altogether. NOT for a technicality.  This was also the one that Sheriff Apple filed without the DA’s knowledge. Tish James stated Apple’s charge proved her report that Cuomo engaged in criminal acts, and the next day announced her failed and quick run for governor.  As we now know, there was nothing criminal, yet she has not corrected her statement.  She also hasn’t opened an investigation into his grand jury leaks, an actual felony.

As for Commisso – quickly, going through divorce, needed overtime although the TU made it seem like she was made to come in on weekends although turns out they all wanted the OT. Pictures show she was very flirtatious. We’ve all seen them. She changes stories and the dates several times.

In a TV  interview, she states Cuomo wants to delete the pics because they are blurry, according to her testimony she herself deletes the pictures because she was nervous since she said he rubbed her butt and as a result the picture was bad. Which one was it? And if the second one, kind of funny. She then says the picture was taken on the couch (that’s what we do when a man grabs our butt, we go over to sit with him on the couch.) The selfie has her smiling and cuddling next to him, complete with a filter that takes out their wrinkles and unfortunately for him, some of his hairline. She sends it to her friend Alyssa McGrath, who texts that she is jealous, which from what we mentioned earlier, she probably was. 

As for the groping incident, the date was originally Nov 16th, which the AG report determined through a picture Commisso had to take for Cuomo. Rita proved it couldn’t happen on that day. They gave another day, then another, still with proof that even though, yes he did work with her in the mansion that day (finally!), it was highly unlikely she would have not remembered the date as that was the day after Boylan’s first accusations dropped. Cuomo, after a lifetime of never doing anything remotely like this, would choose this day of all days to say, “Hey, let’s shake things up and let me grope one of my assistant’s breasts over her bra.”

Last but not least (and again, too much for a small summary) there is the coat saga. She forgets to state she is wearing a coat, she is wearing it, she isn’t wearing it, whatever it is she proves that it was impossible for him to do what she states he does, and in the released interviews, you can actually see the investigators coach her to alert her to her little coat issue.  It’s all so interesting. For the full story please go to our website, it does have to be read and seen in full to be believed (or not to be believed.)

Sadly, women do lie, and women have falsely accused – the founder of Metoo states this.   And all so hurtful for women that have really been assaulted, like Cuomo’s family member and so many others. We hope that we will soon find out who is behind all of this – and that the pendulum swings back to some sense of normalcy.

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  1. Thank you for your Thorough and constantly fresh information as it happens Updating and educating the public about this take down

  2. I am glad that this is now out. I think a lot of people still believe these accusations are true so we all need to see these specifics get distributed more comprehensively

  3. Thank you for taking the time to piece this all together in a sensible and logical matter. People need to know that just because some is accused of sexual harassment doesn’t always mean that harassment actually occurred as in the case of Cuomo. Every single DA have said there’s nothing sexual of a criminal nature here and have declined to prosecute. It is absolutely clear that this was a political hit job and Cuomo is not a serial harasser as the AG wants us to believe. Truth and Facts matter.

  4. Thank you for you factual information in this article. I hope they do an independent investigation into this entire sham. All of the Cuomo’s have done so much for New York. It is truly disgraceful.

  5. All taken together or singly, none of their descriptions amount to legal sexual harassment. Governor Cuomo has to be made WHOLE. His attorney(s) need to hurry up and file in Court. It is long overdue.

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