Kaitlin – Cuomo Accuser #7


Kaitlin worked under Cuomo as Deputy Director of Governor’s Offices from December 2016 to January 2018. She now works for NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority). She has a BA in Psychology and a MA in Criminal Justice according to her LinkedIn.

Kaitlin was hired by the Executive Chamber after a successful fundraiser she had organized for Cuomo on behalf of her employer, a lobbying firm. At the end of the event, Cuomo met with the lobbying firm employees to thank them. Kaitlin introduced herself to him and told him they had met before when she was working for Congressman Joe Crowley. Kaitlin’s bosses told Cuomo that she was a superstar.

Cuomo asked the Personnel Office to reach out to her and see if she was interested in an administrative assistant position. Kaitlin claims she was only hired for her looks, despite all qualifications mentioned above.

Unfortunately, Kaitlin did not meet the performance goals of her role, specifically transferring phone calls. She was transferred to NYSERDA after only one year.

AG Report, p. 89

Case Overview

The report concludes Cuomo sexually harassed Kaitlin based on the following claims:

  1. After Kaitlin joined the Executive Chamber, Cuomo instructed her to soak up knowledge like a sponge and then called her “sponge“.
  2. On several occasions, he commented on her appearance, including saying an outfit made her look like a lumberjack and asking on days she did not wear makeup if she didn’t get ready for work.
  3. One one occasion, Cuomo asked her to look up car parts on eBay on his computer while he was sitting behind her, which made her feel uncomfortable because she was wearing a skirt and heels.


  • None of her claims constitute sexual harassment. She never considered herself a victim of sexual harassment until Boylan started with her allegations, more than 2 years after the fact.
  • Moreover, the details of some of her stories are wildly unreasonable. She claims she felt embarrassed because SHE offered Cuomo her personal phone number and he asked for why he would need it. She also felt harassed by Cuomo telling her she looked like a lumberjack when she came to work in a lumberjack style shirt.
  • Review of her twitter account shows a strong commitment to known enemies of Cuomo starting in 2018, after she was transferred out from his office. This includes Alessandra Biaggi, a participant in the plot against Cuomo exposed by Politico in early March, 2021.

The Interactions in Detail

Kaitlin complains she received little direction when she started to work for the Executive Chamber. Cuomo told her to act like a sponge by soaking up knowledge. Furthermore, she claims, he kept calling her “Sponge“. Cuomo agrees with her account of telling her to act like a sponge and testified that he might have used that nickname. (AG report, p. 87).

Kaitlin complains that Cuomo made comments about her appearance when she was rushing to work and didn’t have time to get ready. On one occasion he also commented on her clothing when she was wearing a black-red button-down shirt, saying she looked like a lumberjack. Cuomo testified he can’t remember the situation, but he could have said that if she wore a lumberjack shirt. (AG report p. 87).

New York Magazine, March 12, 2021

One time, she offered him her personal cell phone number and he asked why he would need it. Kaitlin felt embarrassed because of his tone and the look he gave her, as if she “was coming onto” him, which was not her intention. (AG report p. 88).

AG Report p. 88
New York Magazine, March 12, 2021

One one occasion, Cuomo asked her to search for car parts on eBay for him. She was on his computer, bent over in a skirt and heels with him sitting behind her. This made her feel uncomfortable. Cuomo testified he remembers a situation where she was on his computer while he was sitting behind her, because he had to look at the screen as well to tell her what to click. (AG report, p. 88).


Kaitlin’s account of interactions is credible, but irrelevant in terms of sexual harassment and generally about trivial situations. Nothing Cuomo did or said is inappropriate. All her claims are about her subjective perceptions and feelings. She blames Cuomo for feeling embarrassed after offering him her personal cell phone number, for feeling uncomfortable in a skirt and high heels (which she chose to wear), she wears a lumberjack shirt to work (which she thinks is “cute”) and is upset because he tells her she looks like a lumberjack.