Virginia Limmiatis – Cuomo Accuser #10


Virginia Limmiatis claims that in May 2017, Cuomo ran his fingers across her chest at an event. She also claims that 4 years later it “was difficult for her to even review the photographs because they brought a flood of negative emotions“. (AG report p. 100, fn#899).

Limmiatis – according to her LinkedIn profile – is an “experienced corporate communications professional providing meaningful storytelling and quality content”. She has been working with National Grid for over 10 years since 2010. In her position as “Lead Strategic Communications, Media Relations Rep.” her responsibilities included implementing crisis communication procedures, acting as spokesperson for the company, and “Public Information Officer for regional storm prep., response and restoration activities“.

Here is an interview she gave in 2017 as she handled hurricane recovery efforts in Florida and North Carolina: Virginia Limmiatis – National Grid to aid Irma response efforts

Case Overview

On May 24, 2017 Limmiatis was at an event in Upstate New York. Cuomo gave a speech and then greeted event attendees. She joined the rope line to meet him. When Cuomo reached her, she held out her hand for a handshake. Limmiatis wore a t-shirt with her employer’s name (National Grid) written across her chest.

She claims he pressed two fingers of his right hand on each letter sliding his fingers across, reading out the name of the company, then leaned closely in so their cheeks were touching and said something like “I’m going to say I see a spider on your shoulder” (as if to create a cover story for his behavior).

  • Limmiatis is and never was an employee of the State of New York or Cuomo. Sexual harassment law is workplace related and does not to her claim.
  • Photos from the event prove that Limmiatis account is false:
    There is no rope line. Limmiatis claims she was in a rope line and he passed by.
    He did not touch her and did not lean in. His right hand is far away from her. In fact she is the one touching him. His left hand passes by her shoulder without making even brief contact.

As these photos show, (there are more at Cuomo’s Flickr), she has her hand on his shoulder. His hand is passing by her, not touching at all, and definitely not moving around her chest. Even if he did touch the name of the company, it was not on her breast. However, the pictures show this did not occur as she stated. She is happily smiling at him. In addition, she can be seen hanging around taking pictures of him (4th and 5th picture on the right, staying close by). There is no rope line, but a lot of people around, without one single witness.


The claims are evidently not true. Even if they were, they would be irrelevant in a sexual harassment investigation as Limmiatis was never working for Cuomo or the state. The investigators failed to fact check her claims.